A great first meetup

It was wonderful to have fourteen people at our opening meetup. Several others have been in touch, but couldn’t be there. We introduced ourselves, our research, and our backgrounds, and had lots of good conversation.

Among us, we cover a wide range of academic fields – sciences, social sciences, humanities, linguistics, law, and education. Many of us are teaching as adjunct faculty and visiting scholars. We also do unrelated day jobs and various kinds of freelance work. We became independent scholars for many different reasons – a spouse’s employment, a change in direction, and of course, the lack of enough tenure-track teaching jobs.

On the agenda:

Monthly meetups. Social contact and mutual support are important! Please pencil in something for the third week in August. Date and place are still to be determined – see below.

A different venue for the meetups. While the ABC was very hospitable, the seating arrangement and background noise were a little problematic. Several people suggested alternative possibilities. Watch this space!

Possible future programs:
– Presentation/discussion of members’ scholarly work.
– Telling our stories.
– Strategies for earning a living; sources of income you may not know about.
– Other topics or themes as they arise.

Also noted:

Blog. If you’re here, you already know about it. “Following” the blog is an easy way to get updates and announcements.

Other organizations for independent scholars and adjunct faculty. In addition to those listed in the blogroll to your right, a Hidden Scholar recommends the National Coalition of Independent Scholars. Some organizations specialize in advocacy and activism, others focus on scholarship, and of course there is always overlap.


3 comments on “A great first meetup

  1. domi says:

    the URL for the National Coalition of Independent Scholars is http://www.ncis.org

  2. Michael says:

    Congratulations on forming this group. This will be helpful to local independent scholars. I would like to be included! I live in Amherst, new to the area, and work in healthcare, environmental issues, and evaluation.

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