Five Colleges and you, part 2

The updated description of Five College Associates has now been posted on the website of Five Colleges, Inc. It appears that Associate status is still only available to those who have taught for at least two years in one of the Five Colleges, and to faculty spouses and partners. So those of us who have done our teaching at community colleges, or at the regional-level private colleges like Springfield or AIC – or for that matter at Dartmouth or Harvard – are out of luck, as are those whose work has been primarily in research or writing rather than in teaching.

We’ve heard that Hampshire College hires outside instructors to supervise senior projects. A colleague who checked into this reports that they prefer to hire other Five College faculty members, not independent outsiders. If anyone learns otherwise, or hears of exceptions to this practice, let us know.

I guess the take-away message is to work hard to cultivate your connections within the Five Colleges — and to continue to support one another as independents.


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