Crowdsourcing for adjuncts

The Chronicle reported Jan. 11 on the Adjunct Project.  More specifically, on its crowdsourced reports on where to find the best pay for adjunct work.  One person reportedly earned $88,000 last year – admittedly by teaching some 16 courses.  They’re collecting a lot of other data as well.  Check it out:

We are in the Chronicle of Higher Education

There’s a thoughtful article about independent scholars in the Chronicle this week. Several of our members are prominently featured! The writer also surveys the national scene and explores the larger questions about how independent scholars interact with the academy more generally.

The online edition of the Chronicle is accessible only by subscription – so do check the library.

For independent scholars

– The Modern Language Association has a book prize for a work by an independent scholar.

– alt-ac is putting together a web-based publication and is soliciting contributions. It was announced in May, but the first issue doesn’t seem to be out yet.  Worth a look?

– A reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education has been researching independent scholars. Watch for an article soon.