The STEM job market (and a word on the humanities)

Why we are independent scholars:

A new article in the Atlantic suggests that there is no shortage of scientists; there’s a shortage of jobs. Read on:

With the smaller number of postdoctoral fellowships in the humanities, it appears that new Ph.D.s in those fields are more likely than young scientists to have a steady job – or, equally, to have no job.

A call for papers with an invitation to Hidden Scholars

We’re delighted to receive the following:

Dear Hidden Scholars,

Zeteo: The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing (CUNY) would love to see some of your work come out of hiding (and into our journal).  The current call for papers may be found at  (And we could ease up on the 15 Feb deadline for you.)  We may be e-mailed at

Best, William Eaton, Editorial Adviser

Next meetup. No e-mail.

For those on the mailing list: your coordinator has been dealing with a series of computer breakdowns, and the computer guru apparently did not transfer the mailing list from one program to the other. I can recover it, but I’m about to leave for a conference and can’t do it right now.

NEXT MEETUP: Thursday, February 28, 7-8:30. University Club at UMass. Strategizing about outreach, plus networking and socializing.