Need a union?

We were enjoying our meetup at the Roost last week when some new guests joined us – two union representatives from Service Employees International (SEIU). They’ve been organizing adjunct faculty in eastern Massachusetts, notably at Northeastern and Tufts (who knew that Tufts had a lot of adjuncts?). Although they were here for a different meeting, they had heard of Hidden Scholars and took the opportunity to introduce themselves.

As it happened, those of us who were present had other day jobs, or were concentrating on research, so were not particularly in need of organizing at the moment. But I know you’re out there. Contact Ian Woolverton, (617) 241-3317,, or Donald (DJ) Cronin, (617) 241-3363, Thanks, Ian and DJ.

An opportunity and a meetup

Need to get away from the computer for a while?  The next informal meetup will be on August 22, 5:30 until 7:00, at the Roost in Northampton.  Have a coffee or a beer and connect with other independent scholars.

And here is an opportunity:

The next NeMLA (Northeastern Modern Language Association) conference will
take place 3 – 6 Apr. 2014 in Harrisburg, PA. I am seeking a guest speaker
to address the Contingent, Adjunct, Independent, and Two-Year (CAITY)
Caucus and larger membership on issues of relevance to contingent faculty,
esp. in literature/ languages and other humanities.

If you know of any person/ group in that area who may be able to help,
please send me an email and/ or direct them to me at the above email

Maria Plochocki