Adjuncts and unions

You may already know about this, but in case you don’t:

In the meantime, adjuncts at Bentley University have narrowly rejected a union.

As you’ll recall, a couple of SEIU reps ran into us at the  Roost this past summer. SEIU is hosting an adjuncts’ forum in Boston on November 1. Anyone want to go?

A message from other independent scholars

This comes from a member of the listserv H-Scholar at  She included a list of regional organizations, which you can find at  Check the blogroll for other communities of independent scholars and adjunct faculty.

– As the “designated reader” of the surveys that new H-Scholar subscribers
send, I am aware that isolation is a big issue for most independent
scholars. But you need not be alone! In the late 1970s and 80s, many
independent scholar groups were founded in the U.S., mostly (as you will
note) around college and university campuses. Groups were also founded in
Canada and Australia. The aim of these organizations is to bring
independent scholars together on the basis of shared interests. In short,
to overcome isolation. The groups also offer a number of practical benefits
to their members. Check their websites to learn more about activities and
benefits. Or consider starting your own local group. [Editor’s note: consider it done!]

Please share your ideas about how independent scholars can connect with
each other.Do let me know if I’ve omitted other independent scholar
groups. [Editor’s note: consider that done, too.] We will be including all of this information on the H-Scholar website when we make the transition to the Commons.