Conference program on independent scholars

The National Coalition of Independent Scholars is planning two panel sessions at the 2015 meeting of the American Historical Association.

One is a roundtable: “Practicing History Independently: From Surviving to Thriving.” The roundtable will raise the question of legitimacy for independent scholars, addressing such topics as: “By what means can unaffiliated or marginally affiliated scholars seek equivalent career status with the familiar academic ranks? How can professional organizations … help in building this recognition, which can in turn lead to more equitable treatment within said organizations? How can independent scholars seeking to return to traditional employment ‘keep current’ and otherwise help themselves?”

The other is a panel on “Independent Scholars and Independent Scholarship in History.” This session “explores and highlights the role of independent scholars in ages prior to when professional intellectual and scholarly activity became the almost exclusive province of universities.”

Well, I would change “prior to when” to “before” (Strunk and White live!), but apart from that, I’m glad to see these issues being presented for wider discussion.


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