Tuesday twofer for independent scholars

Next Tuesday looks like a very rich day for independent scholarship in the Valley. At 4:30 in the afternoon, the director of the new Amherst College Press looks at the future of open-access digital scholarship. A reception follows.


And at 7 p.m., the Jones Library, also in Amherst, presents a public program on independent scholarship. Several of us will be participating, and I know that all of us can bring really valuable perspectives and contributions to this.


Hope to see you there.

Adjuncts before Congress

The U.S. Congress has been hearing about the adjutant situation. Here is a link to the Chronicle of Higher Education. NPR and major newspapers, and no doubt other news sources, have covered this as well.



NPR report on adjuncts

All Things Considered has a good solid report on the adjunct situation this evening, Feb. 3.  The segment will (probably) run again in the 6 – 6:30 hour on WFCR; or check the website later.  There’s nothing really surprising in it, but it’s reinforcing and perhaps reassuring.