Tuesday twofer for independent scholars

Next Tuesday looks like a very rich day for independent scholarship in the Valley. At 4:30 in the afternoon, the director of the new Amherst College Press looks at the future of open-access digital scholarship. A reception follows.


And at 7 p.m., the Jones Library, also in Amherst, presents a public program on independent scholarship. Several of us will be participating, and I know that all of us can bring really valuable perspectives and contributions to this.


Hope to see you there.


NPR report on adjuncts

All Things Considered has a good solid report on the adjunct situation this evening, Feb. 3.  The segment will (probably) run again in the 6 – 6:30 hour on WFCR; or check the website later.  There’s nothing really surprising in it, but it’s reinforcing and perhaps reassuring.