Versatile Ph.D. meeting in Amherst!

There’s now a local chapter of Versatile Ph.D.! They will be hosting a session this coming Saturday, February 7, with Chris Humphrey of Jobs on Toast (see The topic: “How to market yourself for a career outside academia.” Jones Library, Amherst Room, 1-3 PM.


We’ll have more to say soon about common ground and possible collaboration with VPhD.


6 comments on “Versatile Ph.D. meeting in Amherst!

  1. Melissa Ptacek says:


    Thanks to those of you who showed up today to hear Chris Humphrey. For those of you who did, please let me know if you’d like the slides for Chris’s talk. I’m at

    We got some good ideas for future meetings based on what people were asking about.

  2. edlk says:

    This notice from WordPress came through on email today, February *9th*, two days after the event. (No email notice came from Hidden Scholars. Would have attended had I known.) How is the notification system cued?

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