Still here! Join us June 3

A columnist quotes advice from a freelance academic:

“Get a coach, or a mastermind group, or a meet-up group. If you are the only person in your head every day, you will go crazy.”

We are your meetup group! Not that I am threatening anyone with insanity if they don’t participate. But Hidden Scholars is the place to get out of your head and be with others who are on the same path, in the same boat, dealing with the same issues. And unlike coaches, we don’t charge.

Our next meetup will be Wednesday, June 3, from 7:00 until 8:30 p.m., at Fresh Side in Amherst (tea, cold drinks, snacks, meals). We’ll start with informal conversation and then give each person a chance to ventilate, to talk about his/her work, or to ask for advice and feedback. Come for the whole time or just drop in.

Other news of interest:

The quote above is from an article on Vitae, a career website sponsored by the Chronicle of Higher Education. It hosts groups called Adjunct Life and Flexible Academics, among others. More information here.

The National Coalition of Independent Scholars is holding a conference in New Haven on June 18-21. Read about it here.

And here is some insightful commentary on the life of an adjunct professor.

Finally, my apologies for the long silence. I’ve been finishing a book and preparing it for publication, and the process has preempted many other things. It’s due out in October and can be pre-ordered. Here’s a glimpse.

Thanks! Hope to see many of you on June 3.