A good meetup, and yet another article on adjuncts

We had a small group and a rich conversation last Wednesday. The struggle of being an adjunct and a freelancer, its successes and its discouraging side. Working with the academic world and with the general public. Finding a way back into the job market amid family responsibilities. How long the life of an independent scholar is sustainable. The meaning of scholarship. It’s good to talk about these questions with others on similar paths.
By chance, the Boston Globe recently published another op-ed about adjuncts. A lot of it isn’t news, but I did appreciate the writer’s observation that universities have “backed into” a business model that depends on contingent academic labor.

Meetup tomorrow

A reminder: Hidden Scholars meets tomorrow – Wednesday, March 23, 5:00-6:30 p.m., at The Roost, Northampton. Drop in any time. Have a beer or a cup of coffee and share your story. Hope to see you!