Who Gets Tenure-Track Jobs?


This one is for all you adjuncts out there (I hope it’s not so bad):

A presentation by L. Maren Wood, PhD, of the Lilli Research Group, which you may (or may not) be interested in signing up with for occasional emails. This group is associated with “Beyond the Professoriate.” It takes the view, in  general, that most PhDs will need to find non-academic positions and that this is both a possible and fulfilling option.

The presentation appears to be a rather pessimistic assessment of data, suggesting that adjuncts have little chance of obtaining a tenure-track faculty position. But if the graph is correct (I admit, I haven’t had a chance to watch this through), many adjuncts will find hope in the possibility (25% for those in the humanities) of still making it.

But combine this presentation with the article from the Chron posted earlier and perhaps there are new careers awaiting scholars outside of or only partially inside the academy.



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