Welcome to Hidden Scholars, a home for independent scholars in western New England, including western Massachusetts, the Five College region, the Connecticut Valley, Hartford and Brattleboro.

We are a group for academics without institutional affiliations. An increasing number of credentialed, highly skilled scholars do not have full-time or tenure-track teaching appointments. Many work from home, teach at odd hours, or have no permanent office space.

Modeled on the successful organization Hidden Tech, Hidden Scholars provides a place for contact and mutual support for independent scholars who have the Ph.D. or the equivalent. Our first goal is to provide social connections. As interest arises, members will be able to pursue professional networking, study partnerships, activism, and more.

To be notified about our meetups, follow this blog or sign up for the mailing list

6 comments on “About

  1. Dear Hidden Scholars,

    Zeteo: The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing (CUNY) would love to see some of your work come out of hiding (and into our journal). The current call for papers may be found at http://zeteojournal.com/submission-guidelines/. (And we could ease up on the 15 Feb deadline for you.) We may be e-mailed at zeteojournal@gmail.com.

    Best, William Eaton, Editorial Adviser


  2. Alan Chitoff says:

    Please send updates to my email address below. I currently teach adjunct courses here, in New York, and occasionally in Florida. I would enjoy connecting with other academic professionals.

  3. Dear Mr. Chitoff (Alan), You are well hidden! I received a reply, and it said “Please send updates to my email address below.” But I found no address. Zeteo e-mail: zeteojournal @ gmail . Best, Wm.

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